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June 2016

The Best Bread Ever

June 28, 2016

I called this one ‘The Best Bread Ever’ not just because it tastes pretty amazing, its also the easiest bread you will ever make. I always seem to have my troubles using yeast, I don’t know why but I rarely ever get it right, either I use to much or to little and it either won’t rise properly or the finished bake tastes like yeast which is not what you want. On top of all of that yeast is pretty hard…

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An Ode to my Food Processor (and a Pizza Recipe)

June 23, 2016

If you ask a lot of people what their favorite kitchen appliance is you will get a lot of different answers. A lot of vegans will probably tell you theirs is a high speed blender. I only agree with that in part, don’t get me wrong, I do love my blender and I think its a useful item. But there are certain things a blender won’t be able to do. Never mind the endless amounts of delicious nice creams, nut…

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Vegan Summer Cake

June 17, 2016

It was my mums birthday a couple of days ago and I wanted to make her a proper layer cake. Usually layer cakes tend to be very heavy and not ideal for the summer, but this one is different. It has coconut cream instead of butter cream and a delicious and fluffy nectarine sponge. To give it that extra light and summery taste I added a bunch of berries and other seasonal fruits to the layers. You don’t have to be…

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Breakfast Popsicles | Vegan

June 14, 2016

Summer is here and porridge season is officially over and you’ll need something a little more refreshing for breakfast. Ok, I admit that popsicles might be a little weird to have for breakfast. But if you’re heaving a super busy morning and you just want a quick refreshing bite, these are perfect. Plus they are super quick to make, and will keep in the freezer for ages. Of course they don’t just make an quick little breakfast snack, they are also…

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Miso Aubergine with Roasted Chickpea Rice | Vegan

June 12, 2016

I can’t lie, this recipe is a complete ‘cleaning out my fridge’ creation. But I’m really glad about how it came together though, a perfect and easy weekday dinner or even lunch on the go recipe. The fact that miso and aubergines go together pretty amazingly is no secret at all. But who would have thought that paprika roasted chickpeas would go so perfectly with that mix? The almost wilted fresh spinach just adds some extra goodness to it. This…

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Not Pork Potstickers | Vegan

June 8, 2016

I don’t have a favorite dish because it’s just to hard decide on just one, but these dumplings are definitely up there. This is one of the less simple more fiddly recipes I have do admit. But you will get the hang of it quickly and boy, is it worth it. These guys make a perfect appetizer for any dinner party and they definitely won’t cease to impress people. The best thing is you can make them ahead of time, and…

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Das Zalando #MYMATCH Powerhouse

June 4, 2016

Letztes Wochenende hat Zalando das #MYMATCH Powerhouse zu uns nach Wien gebracht. Zwei Tage lang konntet ihr euch bei dem umfangreichen Fitness Programm so richtig austoben. Am Sonntag hatte ich außerdem die Möglichkeit euch mit von mir kuratierten Snacks zu verwöhnen. Gegeben hat es diese himmlischen Green Power Wraps gefüllt mit Hummus, Gurke, Kohlrabi, Blattgemüse und Linsenbällchen. Eine wunderbar knackigen Sommer Salat mit Spinat, Kichererbsen, Tomaten und Zitronendressing. Als süße Belohnung gab es einen Müsliriegel aus gerösteten Haselnüssen, Weizenpops, Mandeln, Cashewnüssen, Graumohn, Cranberries,…

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Baked Falafel | Vegan

June 1, 2016

Falafel are so simple to make, just toss everything into the food processor and done. Whether you want to bake or fry them is up to you. I prefer the baked ones simply because it’s a lot less messy and if you brush them with the right amount of oil you won’t even know the difference. They key to the most delicious homemade falafel is to use all fresh ingredients, especially herbs! You can even pre make the batter and…

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