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Last weekend I visited Berlin for a few days. Since I’m probably the only person who goes to Berlin for the weekend without stepping into a single club, all we did was eat and walk around and eat some more. So I have loads of amazing places to share with you, Berlin is truly a vegan paradise.

Especially the area around Kreuzberg and Neukölln is buzzing with vegan and vegan friendly restaurants and every single one of them is amazing. I only had two days so there is still loads I need to try when I come back next time.

Sahara Imbiss

I arrived on Friday night super late so I didn’t really get a chance to eat a nice sit down dinner. Instead I opted for a quick snack and my friends brought me to Sahara Imbiss. It’s a Sudanese place where I had the most delicious falafel in peanut sauce. The place isn’t  vegan only but if you’re looking for a quick bite on the go I can definitely recommend this. It’s located in the area of Kreuzköln.

playing with eels


Saturday morning my friend had booked a vegan all you can eat brunch for us, needles to say I was very excited. When we stepped into the restaurant we where definitely not let down. The selection of food at this place was amazing they had everything from tofu scramble, delicious homemade bread, fried polenta, sweet potato fries, all sorts of veggies, cakes and even pudding and loads more. If you’re looking for place to have brunch on a Saturday,  this one is definitely worth a visit. It was only 13 Euros per person, which considering the amount of food we had was a steal. Every other day of the week this place serves an all vegan menu, which unfortunately we didn’t get to try but I heard great things, especially about their burger.

Brammibal’s Vegan Donuts


An all vegan donut bakery at the Maybachufer in Kreuzkölln. My friend had been raving about this place before I even got to Berlin. The donut selection is pretty great and they also serve some savory stuff like bagels, which I didn’t get to try because I was still way to full from brunch. We had the chocolate & peanut butter fudge, salted caramel, cinnamon & sugar and the blubbery lavender ones. SO DELICIOUS!

Burrito Baby

Burrito Baby is a vegetarian Burrito Place with vegan options in Kreuzkölln. I’ve had many vegan burritos before but I almost wanna say that this one was the best one so far. It might have to do with the fact that it was almost 10 pm, I had not eaten anything but donuts since brunch and walked 18km that day, but nonetheless it was a pretty amazing burrito. We also got tacos with cashew cream cheese to share, which where pretty delicious but unnecessary because the Burritos at that place are gigantic. Talk about vegan portions.



An all vegan Creperie and Burger restaurant in Neukölln.  We went there to have brunch on Sunday. Of course we got super excited and ordered way too much.  I had a huge crepe to myself and shared some mac&cheese and pancakes. The mac&cheese where good but not mind-blowing but the crepe and the pancakes where both insane! They actually baked whole banana pieces into the pancakes and served them with peanut butter and agave, which was amazing. I loved this place, the only thing that was a bit of a let down was the matcha latte I ordered to go at the end, it just wasn’t very good at all unfortunately.

Umami Keuzberg


For dinner we went to an vietnamese place called Umami. They do serve meat and fish but their vegetarian menu, which happens to be all vegan is just as big as the regular one. I had a really hard time choosing what to eat because of the great selection. I ended up having the Buddha Burger, which was a seitan pattie with mango coleslaw in a Bao bun. It was without a doubt the best burger I have ever had. Even though I had an amazing experience and great food everywhere we ate, Umami ended up being my favorite out of all of them.


On Monday morning I meet a friend for breakfast at Tischendorf in Neukölln. It’s a tiny little cafe with a few vegan options. I had a sandwich and a green smoothie, the sandwich was delicious and huge, unfortunately the smoothie wasn’t really what I had wished for, not blended enough and warm (always add ice or frozen fruit to your smoothies it makes them so much better). But except for the smoothie I had a really pleasant breakfast experience and I would recommend this place if you’re looking for a quick bite in the neighborhood of Neukölln.



After a weekend full of treats and overeating I needed something light and super healthy before heading back to Vienna. My friend brought me to Daluma in Mitte. You might have actually heard of this place, there is a pretty big hype about it at the moment. They serve different bowls and salads and you get to choose your ingredients. It was just what I needed after this weekend of heavy eating.


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  • Reply Karoline July 30, 2016 at 1:47 pm

    Ooh great, I’m going to have to try the Umami burger! Nice write up xx

  • Reply Stacey August 8, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    I would totally do the same thing- skip the clubs, eat allllll the food!

  • Reply Bianca August 15, 2016 at 1:48 pm

    Awesome list! I’m going to Berlin on thursday (there’s a vegan summer fest that I have to check out) and I was just researching vegan restaurants. 🙂

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