In a world where different food intolerances or even allergies occur all the time, it can be quite confusing to actually keep track of which foods are good for you to eat and which ones are not. There is such a broad spectrum, from serious allergies to mild sensitivities. Some need the care of an actual doctor and some just require you to eat less of a the food in question for a while.


In any case though, if you’re suspecting your body to be intolerant or even allergic to a specific food you should get tested. That can be quite expensive and time consuming, or maybe not? I was recently approached by a german start up called LYKON. They offer quick and easy bloodtests for you to do at home. They cool thing about these tests is that you receive a package in the mail, you draw your own blood (which is not at all as scary as it sounds) and then you send the blood sample back to them. A few days later you get a message that your results are in. That’s it, no going to the doctor and no waiting for the test results for ages.

I have to admit, at first I was quite reluctant to drawing my own blood. But it#s easy, all you have to do is poke the tip of your finger with the provided instrument and then let a little bit of your blood drip into the vessel. It does not hurt at all, I promise. Send the blood sample out with the post the same day and just few days later you will be able to access your results online. It is such an easy process. I found out that contrary to what I had thought before I am not sensitive to wheat (insert eyeroll on my behalf here) but that I am in fact mildly intolerant to bananas. Not only was that pretty shocking because a) I love bananas and b) I had no clue you could be intolerant to them.

LYKON does not only offer the myNutrition100 test, which is the one that I did. They also have different Fitness tests, the myOmegas test, which evaluates your Omega levels which help with sleep and concentration. They will also soon offer a Veggie Test, which is designed especially for Vegetarians and Vegans to help them get the right nutrients. At 89€ the Test are pretty cheap, but with the Code “MELINA10” you can even get an additional 10% off your order.

I know this post is to promote a company, that has offered me their services for free. But I genuinely believe that, on order to achieve optimum health an nutrition value it is important to test your blood not only for intolerances but also for any potential lack of nutrients. The products and service that LYKON provides is a great and easy way to do so!

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