Rosemary and Pomegranate Focaccia



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A simple Focaccia Dough with a little twist, added by the pomegranate seeds. Making your own Focaccia Bread is simpler than it seems, it’s relatively quick, compared to other breads and it’s customizable to whatever dish you like to accompany it with. Instead of pomegranate seeds I also like to add whole cherry tomatoes or dollops of homemade pesto.

Rosemary and Pomegranate Focaccia

To make 4 Focaccias:

  • 500g (3 cups) of bread flour + some more for kneading
  • about 350-400ml (1 1/2 cups) of warm water
  • 1 package of dry active yeast
  • about 1 tsp of salt
  • 4 tbsp of olive oil
  • seeds from 1/2 a pomegranate
  • 4 tbsp of fresh rosemary, chopped.


  • Take about a 4th of the warm water and stir in the yeast until it has dissolved, set aside
  • In a large bowl mix together the flour, salt and about 3 tbsp of the chopped rosemary.
  • Now add the olive oil and the water. Add 350ml of the water at first and start kneading with one hand then add more if you feel the dough is to tough.
  • Knead the dough in the bowl until it sort of starts to stick together, then tip the bowl over on a floured surface and knead with both hands for about 10 mins.
  • Brush a large bowl with olive oil, place the dough inside, cover with a wet kitchen towel and let it rise in a warm place for 2 hours.
  • Once the dough has risen, punch it down and dived it into 4 pieces. Shape each of the pieces into a focaccia.
  • Now add the pomegranate seeds and the remaining rosemary on top, slightly pressing the seeds in so they don’t come off as easily.
  • Let the focaccias rise again for another 30 mins.
  • Then drizzle with some olive oil and bake at a minimum of 220C for about 15-20 mins.

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