I’m Melina a former Fashion Stylist turned Food Stylist, Photographer and Blogger, based in Vienna, Austria.

In 2011 I made the decision to no longer eat meat. Not just because of my health but also because of ethical reasons. As a result of this lifestyle change I started to become more and more interested in veganism. Initially veganism seems to big of a challenge (‚I would like to go vegan, but ..‘). However the more I learned about it and educated myself, the less of a sacrifice it was to start living this way. It has changed so much for me, my relationship with food has become such a positive one and without it I would have never discovered my love and passion for creating my own recipes.

So in late 2015 I created About That Food because I wanted to offer a platform to help people who would to go on this wonderful journey. A journey that can sometimes be very confusing and frustrating but essentially is a very exciting and beautiful thing. About That Food is meant to be a place to motive yourself, get inspired and informed. Veganism, isn’t that hard, if I can do it so can you.


However I do not only want this platform to be just for vegans or people that want to become vegan, I want to make this lifestyle accessible for everyone who wants to live a more conscious life, not matter if they want to do so for the environment, the animals or for themselves.

The one thing I want to always emphasize on is that veganism should never mean restriction in any kind or form, but it should actually mean the exact opposite. My philosophy is to get to know your food, actually know what it is that you are putting into your body and what effect it has not only on yourself but on the world surrounding you. That goes beyond your plate, its the make-up you choose to wear, the clothes you buy, the trash you produce and the way you travel. Awareness and consciousness is always key.