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Greek Food That’s Vegan. Part 3. Ντολμάδες (Dolmades)

October 1, 2016

This is the third and final recipe of my greek series. Dolmades are probably one of the most popular greek food and are known pretty much all over the world. They are not exclusive to the greek kitchen but exist in many other countries as well, especially in the oriental kitchen. However the traditional greek version is always vegan, so without meat. One of the reasons why I decided to make this series, is that I don’t think a lot of…

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Greek Food That’s Vegan. Part 2. Φασολάκια (Fasolakia)

September 28, 2016

Just as promised this is part 2 of my Greek series. This this dish is called Fasolakia and its a very popular greek side dish, its basically green beans cooked in tomatoes, water and oil. But it is just as delicious as it is simple. Typically in Greece meals are not served in different courses for everyone on different plates. Usually there will be a whole bunch of side dishes put on the table for everyone to help themselves before…

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Riceless Nori Wraps

August 5, 2016

If you’re looking for  a packed lunch, something to bring to a picknick or even take on a plane, this one might be something for you. It’s fairly easy to prepare, super delicious and will keep you full for a good while. The cool thing about this recipe is that it’s basically two in one, because instead of rice I decided to make sunflower seed rice, which is super delicious and nutritious. You can make the sunflower seed rice just…

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