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Lentil Hummus Dip

Hummus is one of the easiest thing to make at home. A lot of people however don’t realize just how simple it is. Gather your ingredients, blend and you’re done. There are also loads of varieties of hummus and the possibilities to experiment are endless. So instead of posting just plain and simple hummus recipes, which are of course just as delicious, I started creating a different versions, like the beetroot one I posted a while ago. I decided to…

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Riceless Nori Wraps

If you’re looking for  a packed lunch, something to bring to a picknick or even take on a plane, this one might be something for you. It’s fairly easy to prepare, super delicious and will keep you full for a good while. The cool thing about this recipe is that it’s basically two in one, because instead of rice I decided to make sunflower seed rice, which is super delicious and nutritious. You can make the sunflower seed rice just…

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Vegan Chocolate 4 Ways

Chocolate and I, we have such a love hate relationship. I’ve tried giving it up several times and never manage to stick to it. I don’t care about the calories or the fat, thats not why. But most store-bought vegan chocolate bars, as delicious as they are have a lot of overly processed and nutrient poor ingredients. All those poor ingredients giving this delicious treat such a bad rep. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Making your own chocolate from…

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The Best Bread Ever

I called this one ‘The Best Bread Ever’ not just because it tastes pretty amazing, its also the easiest bread you will ever make. I always seem to have my troubles using yeast, I don’t know why but I rarely ever get it right, either I use to much or to little and it either won’t rise properly or the finished bake tastes like yeast which is not what you want. On top of all of that yeast is pretty hard…

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