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Instant Miso Pot

August 22, 2016

Everyone knows those instant noodle pots you can buy at the grocery store and I’m sure everyone has had one in the past. They are definitely one of the most convenient foods out there. But unfortunately most of them are packed with nasty ingredients and very high amounts of sodium. But it is so easy to make your own, with whatever fresh and amazingly healthy ingredients you like. All you need to do is chop them up and add them…

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Thai Coconut Soup | Vegan

August 12, 2016

I know its still summer but the heat has never stop my love for soup. It’s just a matter making the right ones. This one has such a beautiful and refreshing flavor due to the lemongrass and the lime, making it the perfect soup for all year round. Technically it’s aย veganized Tom Kha Gai soup. But since its not a traditional recipe I didn’t want to call it that, as its not the real thing.ย Since Tom Kha Gai traditionally comes…

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Polenta & Cashew Hummus Bowl | Vegan

May 11, 2016

My favorite quick meal is definitely a good old lunch bowl. This one has the most delicious polenta patties that are seriously addictive And cashew hummus, which just happens to be my new favorite thing ever.  You can throw this one together in less than 30 minutes, so no excuses ๐Ÿ™‚  Serves 2 Ingredients: for the polenta patties: 400ml vegtable stock 125 g polenta 2 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tbsp herbs de provence  1 tsp onion powder fresh cracked pepper…

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The AND SOY Maker and some delicious Mango and Sweet Potato Soup

May 2, 2016

Last week I got the opportunity to test out something pretty exciting, The AND SOY maker. AND SOY is a start up based here in Vienna and was found in 2015 by Chinese born Nan Pustelnik-Zao. Nan, a trained expert in TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), started her company to bring the amazing lifestyle and health benefits of TCM to Europe and show how easy and affordable this lifestyle can be. The company is very focused on sustainability and social responsibilities.…

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Summer Salad with Feta Balls | Vegan

April 13, 2016

Slowly but surely summer is coming and therefore I thought it’s time for some amazing and filling (!) salad.  This one has all the pretty colors you would want in a salad and most importantly it has vegan feta, homemade vegan feta.  There is a similarly recipe on the blog for vegan feta from a while back but I thought I would give it a little makeover and show you all the different things you could do with it. Enjoy!…

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Turnip and Almond Foam Soup | Vegan

February 29, 2016

Winter is slowly but surely coming to an end. It’s still cold and rainy enough (at least where I am) that soups are my go-to warming comfort food (yes my understanding of comfort food might be a little different). This one is extra special because it comes topped with a almond foam that makes this soup even more delicious. Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 turnip 3 carrots 2 spring onions 1 tbsp minced ginger 1/2 literย miso stock (you can substitute with…

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6 Minute Miso Bowl | Vegan

February 6, 2016

A lot of the time I get asked the question if cooking all my meals from scratch doesn’t get tiring sometimes. My answer is always no, because cooking doesn’t necessarily equal a lot of effort. So I’ve decided to start a series of recipes which you can make under 10 mins. This is the first one. Such a satisfying meal and so very quick to put together, even for theย super lazy ๐Ÿ™‚ Makes about 3 servings. Ingredients: 90g soba noodels…

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Topinambur Soup | Vegan

January 31, 2016

Topinambur is a root vegetable also know asย jerusalem artichoke or sunroot. Its a pretty cool little root, it actually hasย 10 times more fibre than a potato and its also pretty high in calcium and iron. The taste is very unique, kind of nutty but not really, its hard to describe but its SO very delicious. I only had it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I fellย in love immediately, so when I saw it at my…

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