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Soups & Salads

Instant Miso Pot

Everyone knows those instant noodle pots you can buy at the grocery store and I’m sure everyone has had one in the past. They are definitely one of the most convenient foods out there. But unfortunately most of them are packed with nasty ingredients and very high amounts of sodium. But it is so easy to make your own, with whatever fresh and amazingly healthy ingredients you like. All you need to do is chop them up and add them…

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Thai Coconut Soup | Vegan

I know its still summer but the heat has never stop my love for soup. It’s just a matter making the right ones. This one has such a beautiful and refreshing flavor due to the lemongrass and the lime, making it the perfect soup for all year round. Technically it’s a veganized Tom Kha Gai soup. But since its not a traditional recipe I didn’t want to call it that, as its not the real thing. Since Tom Kha Gai traditionally comes…

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